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Bilbao Exhibition Center (Spain)

BILBAO EXHIBITION CENTRE is one of the most modern trade-show complexes in the world in terms of design and amenities.

It is constructed to a highly innovative design that enables it to offer the best possible attention to all users, and to provide a convenient, comfortable setting for all the different events in its calendar.

Its versatility, flexibility and high-capacity facilities make the BEC a privileged venue for everything from small scale meetings to events with audiences measured in the thousands. It can adapt to the needs of trade specialists, businesses and the general public alike. Trade shows, congresses, corporate and business brokerage meetings, seminars, examinations, product presentations, anniversary celebrations, commemorations, gala dinners, parties, concerts, sports and cultural events from the smallest to the largest formats can be handled. In the course of a year the BEC hosts events of its own featuring nationally and internationally renowned brands, events co-ordinated with external partners and third-party activities in a wide range of fields.

With its open plan layout and maximum clearance of 18 m, the BILBAO EXHIBITION CENTRE, has 150,000 m2 of exhibition space distributed between 6 halls, all without columns.

The 18,000 m2 congress centre is the perfect venue for conventions, seminars, presentations, celebrations, gala dinners, etc.

This great complex is supplemented by other facilities such as the Bizkaia Arena, a multi-purpose arena that can be turned into a theatre seating over 10,000, a sports hall seating 18,000, a cinema for 13,000 and a concert hall for 20,000.

The fully support of Municipality of Barakaldo, the autonomous town that include BAC infrastructure, allows a clear integration of deployed EPIC-HUB solution into the surrounding residential and commercial neighbourhoods.


Virtual Visits of BEC

Drone's Eye View
A general view recorded by a Drone in which you can have an idea of our situation and neighbourhood.

Virtual Visit
Using Google's Street View service, you can navigate through our halls an convention centre.

Main Features

Place: Barakaldo (Bilbao), Spain
Responsible: Bittor Laraudogoitia
Neighborhood descr.: BEC building, Hospital, Sport Center

Contact Detail

Contact Person: Bittor Laraudogoitia - blaraudogoitia[at]bec.eu
Tel.: +34 944 040 106
Address: Azkue Kalea, 4, 48902 Barakaldo, Bizkaia, Spain