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What is EPIC-HUB


The focus of EPIC-HUB project is combining the Energy-Hub approach with the development of a fully-interoperable Middleware solution. Such approach will allow Facility and Neighbourhood Managers to tackle energy efficiency, self-generation, emissions reduction, and exploit the excess energy generated and the unused / unshared storage potential often available at the neighbourhood community level.



EPIC-HUB fully exploits the Energy Hub Model: the couplings and interactions between different input energy carriers are identified and optimized in satisfying the electricity and heating/cooling demand at the output. Such approach will allow to:
  • Integrate the Analysis and Management of the Energy Carriers
  • Optimize the Energy Flows in aggregated way
  • Simulate and Plan the Energy Behaviour for Neighbourhood Planning
Energy Hub representation




Middleware and Services

EPIC-HUB Middleware aims to define a technological solution for different markets demands. In fact EPIC-HUB focuses on the integration and interoperability of the existing ICT systems overcoming the problems related to different formats of data,reporting schedules, communication protocols, etc.

Through the energy-hub model, EPIC-HUB middleware enables the development of dedicated services for the integration of multi-domain and multi-energy carrier resources in a neighbourhood environment featuring:

  • Energy Planning and Energy Management Servuces
  • E-Trading Platform to manage local energy sources
  • Cloud-based service enabling real-time analytics of consumption data

   Integration directives in EPIC-HUB project